Noise Abatement Procedures

What Are Noise Abatement Procedures (NAP)?
Procedures that are developed in order to reduce noise exposure of aircraft during operation.

  • NBAA Noise Abatement Program
    Highlighting Jet Departure/ Arrival procedures
  • “Keep ‘em Clean” profile
    On all visual approaches, pilots are requested to maintain a clean aircraft configuration as long as possible and to delay extending the landing gear until operationally necessary.
    1. NAPs are voluntary in nature. Flight safety and ATC instructions and procedures always have priority over any NAP. NAPs should be executed in the safest manner possible and within all FAA-mandated operating requirements.
    2. The FAA is the regulatory body for the National Airspace System. The FAA is responsible for managing Sanford’s airspace, the Greater Orlando airspace, and for ensuring the safe and expeditious flow of air traffic across the U.S.A.
    3. Sanford Airport Authority does not have the jurisdiction to enforce any NAP.