• Airport management maintains a sense of public sentiment through the administration of a program to address community noise concerns. Furthermore, management utilizes this point of contact for public education purposes and attempts to discern between the realities and the subjective nature of complaints. Communications with the public about aircraft noise complaints also allow the opportunity to identify problem areas and sometimes an opportunity to correct something before it becomes a greater issue.
  • The public wants to have complaints documented and sometimes seeks information. Most of all, the public seeks change in the condition; they want the noise to go away. People are concerned about aircraft noise and complain because they would like to see changes occur. A call may alert SFB of an unusual noise event and/or a recurring problem that can be investigated and resolved. However, a noise complaint may not bring about an individual’s desired change. The noise complaint form and telephone line provide individuals the opportunity to express their concerns about aviation noise at SFB.

People file complaints for different reasons and have different expectations. The Sanford Airport Authority tries to be responsive to the public and take action when appropriate and when they are able to do so, but some callers become frustrated when they learn that changes cannot be made. Other people are satisfied they have “gone on record” and voiced their concerns. Complaints do not necessarily result in a call back from the Airport.